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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soul Mates - Reality or Torture Device?

SOUL MATES - two little words but hold a big concept

Soul mate, a strange belief that someone, somewhere out there is holding the key to your heart and all you have to do is find them. The process can be exhausting, leceh teramat, but we still believe in finding them. 

So where is this person?

What if you loved someone and the relationship did not work out the way you want it to be, does that mean they were not your soul mate? 

Were your ex-es just a runner-up contestant in this game show of what we called the race of 'Happily Ever After'?

Thing is, as we move from age box to the next available age box  and the contestants get fewer and......fewer, are our chances of finding our soul mate becoming less and.....less?

Soul mates - reality or simply a torture device???

btw, lagi 7 bulan oi!
#ninielfy #elnieforever

Monday, May 18, 2015

Check out ZALORA's new chill-out lounge ;)


Yeayyy finally! Yes, finally, ada jugak tempat lepak untuk budak-budak Zalora nih. Cut to the short, maybe lepas banyak staff bagi idea yang demand to have a nice place untuk relax now sudah ada. 

(ahhh yes, aku antara orang yang mintak ada tempat macam ni dekat opis. Yes, aku bagi idea through survey yang dorang hantar setiap tahun dekat staff. Tu antara tempat paling senang  nak kita suarakan kemahuan, apa yang kita demand nak company improve. Kuncinya, jangan jawab merepek-merepek. Jawab dengan ikhlas juga. Kalau kau tidak jawab dengan betul, macam mana dorang nak tahu masalah or idea yang korang ada kan?)

Tahun lepas aku ada mintak secara halus yang bersopan (walaupun) thru survey tu mintak antaranya tempat untuk staff kekonon boleh lepak chill. Bagus untuk release stress. Tetiba, eh sudah ada tempat ni. Cool ke tidok?

So around March hari tu our new chill-out lounge dekat level bawah sudah buka. 

Ada lah few games yang boleh main untuk enjoy macam Foosball ni. Bekalang tu ada tempat duduk-duduk, mesin gedegang air tin tu sekali.

Belakang tu ada tv boleh main Xbox, sebelah kiri (tidak nampak) ada tempat bean bags boleh lepak-lepak jugak. Kalau rasa stress sangat macam nak benam muka, pergi situ.

Ping pong pun ada! 

Awak awak yang kat belakang tu pandai ke main tewww? Hikssss

So this is our new chill-out lounge, a place for us to enjoy a game of Foosball, play hard menari game joget-joget sampai berpeluh dengan Xbox, tempat nak lepak minum coffee kalau malas nak hadap rutin sama minum kopi time pagi-pagi dekat meja sendiri n of course, berborak sambil ketawa macam nak gila. 


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just, Let It Go

‘Just, let it go’
Let it go? Oh, is that really all I have to do?

Surely it sounds simple but what about all those things that come with it?
Letting go is like when you are ready to get on the train, but you have to either carry a big fat bag full of memories, or to ditch it. Either way would be hard to choose.

Last night when I was sitting at the fav corner of my room next to the window at 4 in the morning, like always, I looked out of it.  Desperately hoping I’d see a white Toyota parked not far from the guard house. I had a thought.

What if….
What if I had never met you?
What if I didn't reply those flirty text messages of yours?


Starting today, I need and I have to forget what’s gone. Appreciate what still remain and look forward to what’s coming next. Dear heart, please help me remember this.

Starting today, I need and I have to forget what’s gone. Appreciate what still remain and look forward to what’s coming! This should be my new resolution.


Today I will start living the life I have always wanted to live for forever.

Today is the day that I have realised my life revolves around people making me happy but is that the kind of life I want?

Life is real and I am gonna start living it today!


Life is too short for living in the past!
Life is like a bike. You need to keep moving forward to stay balanced.

Though your heart has been shattered to millions of pieces, you have to keep hoping.

Hoping for the good. For the better. For the best.

Though it might be hard, I know, but you just have to do it, anyway. 

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